Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Flawless - Sara Shepard

Date published: 03/13/07
Publisher: Harper Teen.
Pages: 330.
Spencer stole her sister's boyfriend. Aria is brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya . . . as much more than a friend. Hanna's obsession with looking flawless is making her sick. And their most horrible secret yet is so scandalous that the truth would ruin them forever.
And why shouldn't I tell? They deserve to lose it all. With every crumpled note, wicked IM, and vindictive text message I send, I'll be taking these pretty little liars down. Trust me, I've got enough dirt to bury them alive.                                                     .

My Review.
I went into Flawless with a little bit of hesitation because of all the hype there was about it. I've seen the show on television and didn't like it that much. I felt like everyday was a repetition of the previous one. A. stalking the girls and threatening them, the girls being scared and keeping secrets ... The plot seemed a little inconsistent at times. Overall, it's like a small town (takes place in Rosewood, Pennsylvania) version of gossip girl (which takes place in New York city). We don't know much about the characters and although their stories are supposed to unravel as you turn the pages, at the end of the second book, we're still eft with very little information about the four girls. Everything seems to revolve around looks and boys. It wasn't a page turner to me but you might like it. I still want to give the sequels a try, maybe the third, fourth etc books are a bit better. I feel sorry that I don't have anything positive to say about the book, but this is an honest review. 

My Rating: 

For fans of: Gossip girl, beach blondes

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